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SIP E-Guide – Social Innovators Programme

SIP E-Guide

What is the SIP E-Guide?

The Social Innovators Programme Training Guidelines (SIP E-Guide) is a handbook to be used by any organization looking to implement social innovation trainings for young people. It includes the training materials and the methodology for delivering the theoretical information, as well as recommendations on how to facilitate the learning experience.

Individuals interested in social innovation can also use the SIP E-Guide and read through the training materials in order to develop their own social innovation project.

How was the SIP E-Guide created?

This collection of intellectual outputs – training materials and methodology on social innovation and social entrepreneurship – was produced as part of the Erasmus+ funded, strategic partnership project between organizations from Scotland (European Development Innovation Network – EdiNet), the Czech Republic (Ustav socialnich inovaci) Romania (Rotaract Club Bucharest), aiming to support the development of social innovation education in Central and Eastern Europe.

The initial training materials created by Edinet (Scotland) have been adapted to the social and economic context in Romania and the Czech Republic. To gather feedback, Rotaract Bucharest and Ustav used the training materials during pilot trainings involving 60 young people in each country. The final version of the training materials and the training methodology can be found in the SIP E-Guide, ready to be used be other organizations involved in youth work, education or the public sector.

Piloting the training course has served to produce a training manual that is relevant to the target audience and easy to use by facilitators, trainers and educators.

What information does the SIP E-Guide provide?

The SIP E-Guide includes essential information on the fundamental elements of a training course:

Training materials on topics essential to the development of any social innovation project: Social Innovation, Marketing & Branding, Business management (legal and accounting), Finance, Social Impact, Leadership & Communication, Pitching & Public speaking.

Methodology – the training course design with detailed methods of delivery, using principles of non-formal education, tips for organizing and facilitating the learning activities.

Social innovation projects from Scotland, Romania and the Czech Republic presented in interviews with the founders or key staff members who share their experience, challenges faced and lessons learned.

The material is structured as a collection of three different training formats, with country specific information and general elements which can be adapted to any learning context. In the SIP E-Guide you will find a training programme using methods of non-formal education, another format which includes an on-site 2-day intensive training session and a third more traditional approach best suited for a formal learning environment. Furthermore, you can create your own training programme by combining the various elements presented in the SIP E-Guide.

After reading these pages, you will be able to organize a training programme which will be the starting point to understanding social innovation concepts, generating ideas and planning a social innovation project.

Connect with the project team via the website. We are open to answer questions, provide information and offer support so that you or your organization can support social change through education.

The SIP E-Guide is available for download in English, as a pdf file and can be downloaded by completing the form.